Your pets need sunscreen. Sure, their dense hair protects them fairly well, but there’s no guarantee that they’re fully shielded from the sun’s blistering rays. Pay close attention to exposed areas that are the most susceptible.

  • The ear tips and noses of white or light-colored dogs and cats.
  • Pale-colored pets, especially those with thinning hair (due to allergies or thyroid disease). But all dogs, regardless of color, are susceptible to sunburn.
  • The bridge of the nose just beyond the smushy, wet tip.

Avoid products with zinc oxide, which can cause anemia, even when ingested in small portions. Products safe for human babies are zinc-oxide free, and many vets recommend using those on your pet, although there’s really no way of knowing if they truly work. Fortunately, the FDA has approved Epi-Pet’s Sunscreen (only for horses and dogs, though). Doggles makes a 15 SPF spray, and Nutri-Vet carries a 15 SPF lotion and spray. Body Glove also makes a rashguard shirt that has received complimentary customer reviews.