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Benadryl for Dogs

Benadryl helps relieve a number of symptoms, but check with your vet before use.

Dogs Need Sunscreen, Too

A dog’s hair protects it fairly well, but there’s no guarantee Fido is fully shielded from the sun.

What Clients Say

We highly recommend the professional services of Acupet Wellness. Dr. Mandy DuBose and her assistant, Jane, provided outstanding care for our German Shorthair Pointer, Boomer. Despite severe arthritis and neurological disease, Boomer enjoyed an extra three years of quality life through treatment regimens offered by Acupet Wellness. We are truly appreciative of the loving care from Dr. Mandy and Jane.

Bill & Deb, Aiken S.C.

Belle is doing better with each under water treatment. She was able to enjoy a walk at the park for about 30 minutes. We had only been able to walk about 15 minutes before. I am so pleased and grateful for the help that Dr. Mandy DuBose has given and the compassion that she has shown to my Belle Thank you.

The sincere dedication and attention you gave my dear Simba will not be forgotten. I know who to call when my other furry friends need help.
Thanks, Dr. DuBose, for the loving care and kindness you showed my old German shepherd, Danny, at the end of his life. Your gentle acupuncture eased his pain, kept him calm and helped him get around better — and longer. Danny never dreaded seeing you; he actually looked forward to it. Thanks for making yourself available anytime we needed you. That meant so much to Danny and my family.
Dr. DuBose is great. She is so kind and caring and has such a gentle touch with my pet. I recommend her highly. Jane is a great tech, too. Acupuncture has helped our sweet Mac. Thank you.
Dr. DuBose and her staff are great. This is a very kind and loving practice.

Dr. DuBose has done an excellent job with my senior lab. She is able to move so much better.

Wonderful care and service to our beloved pets

My Bosco could take only about three steps before collapsing. He now walks all the way from the parking lot to the office. Thank you so much for getting the “real” Bosco back.